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Does MedVault work with my existing practice management software?

MedVault works with the data from all major practice management software solutions. The Medvault platform can theoretically collect and analyse data from any source made available by you.

Does MedVault replace the need for my existing practice management software?

No. MedVault does not replace the need for your existing PM software rather it enables you to easily analyse and utilize the data it helps you to collect.

How does the free trial work?

All new clinics signing up to the MedVault can avail of a 30 day free trial. If you cancel your plan before the end of the 30 day free trial period you will be charged nothing.

How much does MedVault cost?

MedVault offers three tiers of pricing depending on you practice size. For small clinics (single doctor GMS panel) with less than 1,000 GMS patients we charge €59.99 (Ex VAT) a month. For medium clinics (1-3 doctor GMS panel(s)) with 1,001-2,500 GMS patients we charge €79.99 (Ex VAT) a month. For large clinics (4+ doctor GMS panel(s)) with over 2,500 GMS patients we charge €99.99 (Ex VAT) a month. For each additional doctor GMS panel above 4 panels, we charge an additional €10 to cover processing costs.

There is also the option of adding data backup and recovery to you package. The additional cost of backup is dependent on the amount of data to be stored. Our MedVault Backup solution is 30-50% more cost-effective than existing backup solutions on the market

How can I manage user access for MedVault

We provide practices with the ability to create multiple user accounts with custom restrictions on what tools they can access. This enables the practice to be as granular as they like in restricting access to any elements of MedVault for any user type. Even if the practice wishes to restrict access across senior clinical staff so that their information (e.g financial info) is separate from colleagues we can do so. To add an additional account simply call 01-4370602 or email with the details of the number of accounts, the restrictions you want to apply to each account and a unique email for the account. The MedVault team will generate the new accounts immediately. Please note additional user accounts cost €5 each per month.

How long does MedVault deployment take?

MedVault deployment takes only 15-20mins. We deploy the software by remotely accessing the clinic server and installing MedVault. Remote deployment means flexibility for you and your team as we can accomodate a time and date that suits you.

How do MedVault referrals work?

If you refer MedVault to another clinic or colleague and they sign-up using the promo code provided we will credit both your MedVault accounts with an extra month completely free of charge. This way both you and the referee receive equal benefit.

Is MedVault secure for my data?

MedVault began its journey as a data security solution for healthcare clinics. Our team consists of both practicing physicians and experienced engineers so we understand the sensitivity and importance of maintaining health data security. MedVault is proud to say that data security and compliance is at the core of everything we do. Our platform deploys military grade AES 256 encryption end to end at rest and in transit to ensure your clinic's data is safe and secure at all times. MedVault's data storage infrastructure delivers compliance with all major regulations from HIPAA to GDPR. Clinics choosing to avail of MedVault's backup solution will also see increased data redundancy and protection against ransomware attacks. Every element of MedVault has been built from the ground up with security as priority number one and so all clinics and medical practices can rest assured their data is safe with us.