Delivering increased income & peace of mind during these turbulent times.

Our free COVID-19 STC Finder helps you to keep on top of the new STCs that were introduced in March.

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Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Ireland GP practices have been put under tremendous strain. From expensive PPE to decreased patient footfall the financial pressure is mounting. That's why MedVault & GPbuddy have introduced this new COVID-19 STC Finder. It enables practices to easily stay on top of the new CA, CB, and CD STCs that have become so important to the practice bottom line. Given the rapidly changing environment brought about by COVID-19, it is impossible to keep track of everything and with that comes anxiety that all reimbursement might not be captured. The COVID-19 STC Finder helps deliver the peace of mind that this is not the case, allowing you and your team to focus on your patients.

How it Works
View quick video tutorial here.

Step 1
In the first step the Medvault system analyses all the recorded work in your practice data to identify cases/consultations of interest. Our proprietary system filters out 75% of the noise leaving you with a much more manageable total case number for analysis.

Step 2
Once we have identified the cases of interest our system then cross-references them with your pink sheet claims data to match off and eliminate those that have already been claimed and paid. Due to the broad nature of the new STCs a maximum of 90% of cases can be matched accurately the remaining 10% require human review. This brings us to step 3.

Step 3
In our final step, we deliver a clear concise dashboard to your team summarising the cases of interest. The total case number may appear daunting at first but don't worry the system contains multiple filters including appointment types & key term searches. These enable you to easily narrow the search to the cases you want to focus on. The dashboard also delivers a quick system to double-check claim history and isolate single patient consultation history to resolve any ambiguity in seconds. All details for the STC are available in the table allowing you to quickly enter the information into the PCRS for claiming.

So there you go a comprehensive free tool to help your team manage the new STCs in this turbulent time. Installation of the software is straight forward taking less than 20mins. All infrastructure and analysis meet the highest levels of security and data compliance. For more information, you can read the T&Cs on our sign-up form.