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As workloads increase to unsustainable levels in healthcare, efficiency improvements are desperately needed in order to maintain quality patient care and prevent carer burnout. Unfortunately, you can't improve or manage what you can't measure. That's where MedVault analytics can help. We are using our combined medical and data science expertise to help clinics convert the mountains of data they produce every day into useful actionable insights. These insights can be used to improve existing processes and patient care. The newly structured data can also be used to support new tools that can reduce admin work and increase clinic revenues. If interested you can sign up to a two month free trial to test our solution risk free.

Here are just some of the immediate clinic benefits MedVault can offer

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How it Works: Three steps to better healthcare analytics

Data Structuring

Over 80% of the data clinics produce daily is unstructured. This makes it extremely difficult for computers to make sense of the information. We have developed a solution that uses machine learning to clean and add structure to the data. The output is high-quality data that can finally make the promises of digital health a reality.

Data Processing & Tool Building

Once we have structured the data our expert team begins creating models to make sense of it and the tools to make use of it. Our practical expertise in both medicine and data science enables our team to piece the data together to create the insights you seek. All sensitive information is masked during the process to ensure only approved members of your clinical team have access to sensitive data.

Simple Concise Outputs

At MedVault we pride ourselves on delivering high quality and practical outputs. This final and critical step is often overlooked in healthcare but all the work in steps 1 & 2 is worthless if we cannot add value to the clinic environment.  To do this we have designed all reports, tools and dashboards to be simple, concise and highly intuitive. We appreciate how time-poor clinicians are today and have created a solution to offer maximum impact for minimum effort.

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